We are constantly working to free the visit of our museum from possible obstacles. Feel free to contact us, we look forward to your feedback.

  • The entrance to the museum can be reached at ground level, without steps or thresholds. There are no steps or similar barriers to overcome anywhere in the museum.
  • Disabled parking in the underground car park and next to the museum
  • Cash registers and the museum shop are clearly visible even from a wheelchair.
  • The museum has a wheelchair-accessible toilet.
  • You can reach the upper floor via an elevator, the ground floor of the permanent exhibition via a gently sloping ramp.
  • All media stations are wheelchair accessible.
  • Media stations with sound have handsets with volume control that can be adjusted to one’s own hearing needs.
  • You will find plenty of easy-to-move seating throughout the museum.
  • All areas of the museum are illuminated sufficiently brightly.
  • On request, an audio guide can be borrowed in easy language (german).
  • The texts on the exhibition boards are in large fonts, the color contrast of the fonts is high and the fonts are very easy to read.