Beer tasting in the German Hop Museum

Beer Tastings

Come and visit our extraordinary beer indulgence seminars. Qualified beer sommeliers will introduce you to the wide variety of tastes and sorts of beer. Only highest-quality and internationally awarded beers from the museum’s own beer cellar will be tasted. Besides, you will learn in an entertaining way some interesting facts about the art of brewing good beer. And you will hear a lot about beer which is probably news to you.

When selecting the beers, we act absolutely independently without obligation to any breweries. This is also something special about our beer seminars. The main emphasis will be on enjoying the beers. Therefore we are constantly looking for new extraordinary beers.

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We have compiled a wide variety of seminars for you. Choose the one you like. In any case we can guarantee a unique taste experience.

We are happy to organize for you a shuttle service at low cost from the train station Rohrbach/Ilm (5 km away, mainline Munich – Ingolstadt) to the museum and back, also for larger groups.


Whether you are a beginner or a beer connoisseur – there is something for everyone. Choose the range of beers to suit your taste.

Beer Lounge in the German Hop Museum

Beer Lounge

Paradise for beer explorers

100 new beers in one evening? Then the Beer Lounge is the right thing for you.

Beer and Cheese

Here we focus on a classic beer tasting. The world of cheese is just as extensive as that of beer. There is an almost endless range of styles, flavors and varieties to choose from. All sorts of possible combinations are possible.

Which beer goes well with which cheese? Which varieties are best suited for harmonious interaction? What do you have to consider when making a selection? What should you know about the production of beer and cheese?

There is a choice of classics from Bavaria as well as lesser known ones from other beer and cheese countries. Cheese is mild to tart, soft to hard, cow, sheep or goat – beer is malty-sweet, roasted or bitter, top- or bottom-fermented, from light beer to barley wine – the range of possibilities is enormous.

Choose a topic in advance and let us surprise you. Your taste buds will be spoiled in any case.

Beer and Chocolate

For those who love unusual delights to the palate, we offer the special combination of beer and chocolate. Immerse yourself in a totally new taste experience. Enjoy the best combination of premium beers from all over the world with finest Grand Cru chocolates, selected by a qualified beer sommelier. Extraordinary delights are guaranteed. You will just melt away.

Beer and chocolate – I beg your pardon? The unusual thing about this combination is its obscurity. In fact, nothing could be more obvious. Many beers as such already tempt the nose and palate with a fine chocolate aroma. Some beers even bear chocolate in their names. Beer tastes can be extremely complex. And even more taste nuances can be created in combination with chocolate, often totally unexpectedly. We want to show you that chocolate proves to be an ideal complement not only for these classics. The best of both worlds opens up the way for totally new creations.

Why do some beers taste of cocoa? What sorts of beer are best served with what kinds of chocolate? Where do the many flavors in beer come from? What is to be known about the production of chocolate, hops and malt? With this unusual taste experience we will reveal these and other (bitter) sweet secrets.

Hallertau Beer Menu

Our evening-filling beer event. 6 course diner – 6 beers, moderated by a Biersommelier/e.


A slightly different beer selection. Experience the world of beers in all their possibilities.


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