If you are interested in the cultural and social history of hops, beer and brewing or in the history of the Hallertau region you should become a member of the “Verein Deutsches Hopfenmuseum Wolnzach e. V.”. Thus you will show that you share our mission:

  • Knowledge about the history of hop growing in Germany and the Hallertau region will be recorded.
  • This will be done in a professional way.
  • Interesting old hop tools and equipment will not end up being dumped but will go to the museum.
  • Preservation of an important chapter of the Hallertau history.
  • Making all these things available for future generations.
  • We can get on with our work.

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Support the work of our museum

  • Membership

    15 €
    per year

    Free admission to the museum all year round

  • For Couples

    25 €
    per year

    Free admission to the museum all year round

  • Sponsorship

    ab 300 €
    per year

    One-time free use of the event room

Your contribution

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