Kunstgalerie im Hopfenmuseum

Art Gallery

In the large event room, the German Hop Museum offers professional artists a forum for the presentation of their pictures.

Artists from the region, Germany and other countries present their work several times a year at irregular intervals. The presentations usually last several weeks.

There is no entrance fee to view the paintings and it is not tied to a visit to the museum. At events in the room, the pictures can only be viewed by the participants of the event. Before your visit, please clarify whether the event room is actually free on your desired date. The pictures can only be purchased from the exhibiting artists; the German Hop Museum only makes the rooms available.

For these presentations, the museum works closely with Medienhaus Kastner in Wolnzach and its “pitch in between” series. For more information, please contact Medienhaus Kastner:
Tel. 08442 – 9253-30 (Mr. Kastner).

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Current Exhibition


Ben Willikens
und Alumni seiner Klasse
Stefan Soravia
Rüdiger Stanko
Sigrid Nienstedt
Wolfgang Kessler
Anke Doberauer
Nol Hennissen
Georg Thumbach
Johannes Wende