Historic Beers

Since the Middle Ages, a beer culture has developed in Germany that is second to none. Especially the beers from the cities of Northern Germany were in demand throughout Europe and helped the citizens to wealth and fame. The variety was unique, because in every city a different beer was brewed, with different ingredients and different recipes. Some towns had hundreds or more breweries.

Not much of this old brewing culture has remained. In most of the once famous brewing cities there is not even a single brewery anymore. Today, many beers are only known by their expressive names.

However, some of these historic beers have survived to this day, mostly thanks to the involvement of small regional breweries. This tasting offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beer world of the Middle Ages with a unique beer combination. In addition to unusual taste experiences, you will also learn a lot of interesting facts about German beer history.

But if you have problems with rather unusual beer aromas, better choose another topic…

per person: 25.00 EUR
Minimum charge: 250.00 EUR


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