Bitter Units

Stories from the Hop Country.

From Christoph Pinzl (Museum director)

Stories of busy hop farmers and wealthy hop dealers. About thousands of hop pickers who brought life to the hop yards year after year. Hop tells of monastery residents who are experts in healing, about princes who thought enlightened, of resourceful engineers and researchers. Hop shapes landscapes, builds its own houses, means world trade. A hop vine grows eight meters high in just three months – a world record. The amount of work is also record-breaking: scaffolding, fertilizing, ploughing, inserting, cutting, turning, crop protection, harvesting, drying, pressing, transporting. All handcrafted for centuries. And all for a bit of golden-yellow powder from the sets of bloom. Gold rush. Hop Roulette. New prices every year. New risk every year. Every year the decision is made again: wealth or ruin?

Hops – the ‘green gold’.

  • Bitterstoff, Blog | Tuesday 31.10.2023

    Philosophy of pure wire

    The essence of hop work is hidden in the wire drawing process

  • Bitterstoff, Blog | Monday 18.09.2023

    Europe and progress

    The Belgian company Allaeys built the first picking machines in compact form

    by Christoph Pinzl

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    Nunnery and Deaf Hops

    Why men have a bad hand in the hop yard

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    More Stories about Signs

    Why you can’t miss the German Hop Museum